A Warm Doggy Gift

For those of you who are animal lovers, Doggy sweaterI loved this story so much that I had to share it. A few months ago, a dear friend of mine almost lost her dog when she thought he would no longer be able to walk. She took him to the vet, expecting to hear the worst. It turned out that her dog needed extracapsular repair, an expensive knee surgery. My friend’s husband had just been laid off from his job, so getting a surgery done on their dog at that time seemed out of the question. My friend was very upset and tried to call other clinics to see if they could do the surgery for less, but had a difficult time finding one. However, the awesome vets over at Parkside Animal Health (her dog’s regular vet) were saddened when they learned she was unable to afford the surgery for her dog, and each chipped in to help cover what parts of the cost she was unable to. Thanks to Parkside’s kindness and generousity, they were able to get her into surgery the next day and she was able to walk again a few weeks later.

So, what does all this have to do with yarn and knitting and such? Well, after the clinic had helped cover the cost of the dog’s surgery, she was so grateful that she wanted to bring her vet a thank you and asked if I could knit an awesome doggy sweater for her vet’s dog. She found a Christmas pattern that she thought her vet would like, and I went to town on it, and was really happy with how it came out! (Unfortunately I lost track of the pattern, but I have found similar patterns at places such as Craftsy.) She sent me this picture that her vet took of the final product. Needless to say it was one happy pooch.